I remember reading in a book one time that the best way to achieve your dreams is by helping others trying to achieve the same dream.  I have taken this to heart and is the reason for my company.  You see, I grew up on a ranch in rural Nevada which our family lost to the banks during the drought in the 1990's.  Working on the farm was all I had known growing up, farming is what I expected to for the rest of my life, it was my identity, and it was gone.  I kept working on farms wherever I could until I started attending the University of Nevada, studying Information Systems.  While earning my degree I realized two things - I wanted to get back to the rural life, and I wanted to help others implement technology to make their lives easier and help others in rural areas get started in information technology.  One of the wonderful things about technology is the ability to telecommute.  Many developers work in far corners of the world on the same team to build the same product.  It is my hope that I can help others in rural America get into this exciting line of work while "keeping it rural".  So whether you are looking for technology solutions in the desert, or looking to want to write code in the corn belt... lets talk.